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Myostatin ELISA/EIA Kit
For the determination of Myostatin in human serum and plasma
This enzyme immunoassay is intended for the quantitative determination of myostatin in human serum and plasma. For in vitro diagnostic use only.

Myostatin belongs to the transforming growth differentiation factor-ß (TGF-ß) super family. The molecule is a negative regulator of muscle growth, but details about the actions of myostatin are uncertain (Roth and Walsh, 2004). 


Myostatin was first identified in 1997 by McPherron et al. They found out that null-mutant knockout mice were significantly larger than wild-type animals and exhibited a large and widespread increase in skeletal muscle mass due to an increase of muscle fiber number (hyperplasia) and thickness (hypertrophy). Other groups identified mutations in the myostatin gene in naturally bred “double-muscles” cattle breeds. 


Similar to the findings in animal models, increased myostatin immuno-reactivity or expression has been observed in HIV-infected men with muscle wasting (Gonzales-Cadavid et al. 1998), after prolonged bed rest in young men (Zachwieja et al. 1999) and in older men and women with muscle wasting (Yarasheski KE et al. 2002).


Shi et al. (2007) and others have found that myostatin deficiency inhibits adipogenesis in vivo, even when mice are fed a high-fat diet. Transgenic overexpression of myostatin pro-peptide, which inhibits myostatin signaling, also inhibits body fat gain with a high-fat diet (Zhao et al. 2005). Similar alterations in myostatin signaling are associated with changes in body fat among humans.

Regulation of muscle growth
Muscle atrophy
Muscle wasting

Myostatin EIA Protocol




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