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ELISA for the comparative study of biosimilar drugs
Exclusive ELISA kits for the comparative study of biosimilar drugs

Kits allow a preliminary analysis of 3D conformal comparability between the drug and the respective biosimilar biological.

Monoclonal antibodies are drugs with high production technology with a very complex mechanism of action that in many cases it is not even known in all its aspects. Therefore, the use of biosimilars of monoclonal antibodies presents complications and significant implications from the clinical point of view.
For this reason, the kits are now available for the comparative evaluation of biosimilars.
Products are available in single pack or pack of 5 plates per kit:
 acroread.gifAvaBridge ELISA (for Avastin Biosimilar comparison) 1 PK ABR-AB000201
 acroread.gifErbiBridge ELISA (for Erbitux Biosimilar comparison) 1 PK ABR-AB000202
 acroread.gifCampBridge ELISA (for Campath Biosimilar comparison) 1 PK ABR-AB000203
 acroread.gifRituBridge ELISA (for Rituxin Biosimilar comparison) 1 PK ABR-AB000204
 acroread.gifHumiBridge ELISA (for Humira Biosimilar comparison) 1 PK ABR-AB000205
 acroread.gifSynaBridge ELISA (for Synagis Biosimilar comparison) 1 PK ABR-AB000206
 acroread.gifHerBridge ELISA (for Herceptin Biosimilar comparison) 1 PK ABR-AB000207
 acroread.gifInnoBridge ELISA (for novel monoclonal antibody and other biosimilars with the same Fc sequence) 1 PK ABR-AB000208
 acroread.gifRemiBridge ELISA (for Remicade Biosimilar comparison) 1Pk ABR-AB000209
 acroread.gifEpoBridge ELISA (for Erythropoietin Biosimilar comparison) 1Pk ABR-AB000210
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